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CMMC Industry Days and Modern Information Security Topics


Need Help Justifying CS2? This Letter Should Help.

 As a professional dedicated to staying on top of the latest cyberthreats and best practices to protect our organization and meet federal requirements, please consider my proposal to attend CS2 Denver, The CMMC Industry event for DoD contractors, in Denver, CO. 

CS2, or the Cloud Security and Compliance Series, is an ongoing informational series for contractors in the Defense Industrial Base  looking to meet federal compliance mandates as required by the Department of Defense. Areas of focus for CS2 events include, but are not limited to: 

These events are specifically curated towards aerospace and defense contractors and those in higher education institutions looking for practical approaches to address security threats, invest in the culture of cybersecurity for their organization, and glean best practices for their cloud investments.  

CS2 events advance the knowledge and skills of professionals by providing two days of thought-leading education and pragmatic application. 

Attending would benefit our organization and contribute to my professional development as I would be privy to the following:  

  • Comprehensive educational sessions and collaboration with other cyber professionals – I will gain insights from industry-recognized experts on critically important issues and how those issues relate to our organization.  
  • Opportunities for high-level networking – I will enhance our company’s profile by developing new relationships with contacts at the event. 
  • Professional development – I will have the opportunity to further my understanding of the strict cyber requirements we must follow as a contractor / higher ed research institution. 

My attendance at CS2 Denver is a smart investment of time and resources that will deliver real value to our organization. Thank you for your consideration.